Part Seven

It was almost time for Courtney’s birthday, so J had bought her waterslide for the back garden to have a Birthday party and invite some school friend’s round.   She invited Alexander Goth, Jeddiah Harmon, Bentley Baumann and Billie Jang.   Her sister Bonnie also joined the party supervising the kids while Emilie prepared food and drinks.

Bonnie decided to tell some embarrassing stories to Courtney’s friends about when she decided to streak around the house and garden.

streaking days

‘Stop Bonnie, my friends will end up teasing me or start to hate me’ said Courtney.   ‘Don’t be silly, we are just having fun. Everyone is still here and having a great time so forget about it and enjoy yourself’ replied Bonnie.

courtney birthday party 1

After the party Courtney was still unsure about Bonnie’s little story telling that she was nervous about going back to school.   She hardly slept for thinking about it and could have murdered Bonnie there and then.   She went to school but no-one mentioned anything about it which was fantastic so she was able pass her test with all her concentration.   Maybe Bonnie has managed to help her become a better friend.

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