Part Six

Cayden was born at 11:10am on a Wednesday morning, from having woohoo after their engagement.   J was delighted to finally have a little boy to bond with.   Cayden is now rightful heir for the next generation, so both Emilie and J made sure he was raised responsibly to carry on the family history.

Anneka had stressful day at school and decided to check out the new teen hangout in Oasis Springs.   She took school friend Kristine with her and had great fun. With all the extra kids at home this was a brilliant place to relax and meet new friends.


Not much happened around this time apart from several school projects were brought home with the whole family participating apart from Anneka who was always at the Hangout after school.  Sometime later Cayden turned into a toddler around the same time Bonnie and Courtney were aging up to Teen and Child.

Cayden decided to run outside and meet his dad coming home from work.   He didn’t look happy, so he wondered what had happened at work, and decided to stay away from him the rest of night.

meeting dad from work

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