G2 Dixon – Part One

Cosmo was a great comfort to Cayden, J, Bonnie & Courtney which was perfect as he never demanded anything in return being an independent pet.   Cayden enjoyed playing with his new little kitten and became great pals.

cosmo the cat in the new house

Occasionally Cayden started to venture out bumping into Billie from time to time.   She understood how he must have felt and kept her distance until he was ready.  Although she did continue to text him through his grieving stages to make sure all was ok.    Cayden was invited to her 18th birthday party at her house so decided this was the perfect time to meet both her parents.   It was the best thing to happen to Cayden to enjoy life and be normal again.


J found it hard to cope without Emilie around.  His life had changed so much, that he forgot what it was like to be all alone.   To try and occupy his mind he decided to take up fishing again and resign from his job to relieve all the tension that was building up.

Bonnie and Courtney consoled in each other having long chats after work and throughout the nights.   Both girls tried to be strong for Cayden pointing him the right direction of paying bills, sorting the mail and meeting all the demands of household responsibilities.

Everyone was starting enjoy life again and couldn’t be happier.

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