G2 Dixon – Part Two

J started to decline in health by not eating properly.  Turned out that nothing could help console him and he quickly started whining Emilie all over again.   There love was so strong, that every day that passed, he mourned Emilie.    It finally became to much, dying from old age and malutrition.

With both parents now passed, everyone joined forces once again and started progressing in their careers to earn a little more cash.   Cayden meet Billie at the diner with old friend Bentley having an awesome night.   He asked Billie if she would stay the night, as he was starting to get tired.    She said yes and they both said their cheerios to Bentley and headed home together.

billie diner

The following morning Billie spent a little time in the bathroom, so Cayden asked if she was ok before heading to work.   She said, “everything is fine, and I’ll see you later”.   Cayden headed out to work and left Billie to head home.

Billie couldn’t face going to work or talking to her parents as she knew the signs all to well.   Her friend went through the same thing recently and she knew that it was time to take the dreaded stick test.   So, she asked her friend to pop over, so she could hide and not have to explain herself to her parents.    It was inevitable she was pregnant.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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