G2 Dixon – Part Fourteen Final

After the funerals, Cayden and Eleanor found themselves back at the cemetery to help with their emotions.   Devlin refused to go with them, so they left him to defend for himself.   As they were leaving, something rather nice happened.  Little Snowy went up to also pay his respects, even though he barely knew both Billie or Courtney.   Having a pet slowly pays off with all the unconditional love that you get.


Time passed to a few days ahead, when Eleanor got a call from someone she had forgotten all about.   It was Adyita from the New Year party wanting to take a stroll in the park.   Eleanor accepted the offer as this could be the perfect way to relieve her stress.   They talked for hours walking around the park, until a dog tried attacking them.   Adyita stepped in straight away protecting Eleanor and told the dog to back off.   Eleanor liked this side to Adyita and decided they should go on date.   That evening they headed to the pub in Brindleton Bay where Adyita gave Eleanor a rose with a very romantic message.

date night

They had a great evening and a successful date, even though she spotted Devlin several times.   He was up to no good sabotaging every item he could find, maybe he was with his mates showing off I don’t know.   Anyway, Eleanor decided it was best not to draw any attention that she knew him, let alone being her brother.

When she returned home, something rather peculiar happened.   Just as before with Cayden and Emilie in Generation One’s finale, the current heir slowly passed away.   Note to self, watch date nights during future generations.   Eleanor is now head of household and must find a way to control Devlin or kick him out.

End of Generation Two, Thank you for reading. If you like the story so far, stick around for the next generation being posted very soon.

G2 Dixon – Part Thirteen

Cayden arrived at Courtney’s & Bentley’s House the next day.   Bentley was in the bathroom, so Cayden went to find out where Courtney was.

Bentley said ‘Hi Cayden I was planning on coming to see you today, as I have something to tell you’ Cayden replied ‘That’s why I’m here, I also have some news to tell Courtney.  Do you know where she is?’

‘You First’ said Bentley.  Trying to stray away from the subject.

Cayden replied ‘My wife passed away last night, and I want to console myself by speaking with Courtney’

‘Oh no, my condolences Cayden.  This puts me in a rather tricky spot as I was also about to tell you … instead let’s go a sit down for a sec’ replied Bentley.

Once they were both sitting comfortably Bentley continued ‘I’m afraid I have some very upsetting news Cayden, Courtney also passed away last night.   I am so very sorry and if there is anything I can do, you know where I am.

courtney house

Cayden didn’t know how to process this news, both sister and wife on the same day.   He stuck around at Bentley’s for a while trying to digest all this information.   This was a huge shock and it was about to get even worse.  While Cayden was still mourning both Billie and now Courtney, someone entered the house.   It was the nasty Grim Reaper. Cayden feared that this was his time to go, but Grim went to the back of the house.   Cayden followed and was shocked to discover Bentley lying on the floor.   At this point Cayden was about to go and jump of the nearest bridge as he couldn’t take much more.   Instead he headed home, before anything else happened, and went to find solace in the computer by blogging about the day’s events.

bentley death

With all that was going on Founders day was completed ignored, understandably.  Emilie had left the thankful spirit for this tradition, as she started off homeless with nothing but the clothes on back and was truly grateful for where she ended up.   A successful family, traditional home and loving husband.   Cayden was the only person that loved this thankful spirit, but with everything that has just happened he had nothing to be thankful for.    Eleanor ignores the tradition completely no matter what happens and won’t be participating next year.

G2 Dixon – Part Twelve

The days inbetween Christmas & New Year the family watched old movies, played games and made Snowy feel welcome.   Devlin on the other hand was always out with not a care in the world or how is family felt.   Cayden was deciding at this moment whether he should be disowned or kicked out the house.   He felt if he was still close being in the household that he could try and keep an eye on him.   Afterall he does still help with the bills, no matter where his cash comes from.

The local neighbours popped round for New Year each bringing their own drink for the bar.   Cayden decided that they could all gather for a party in the hope that Devlin wasn’t ruining his reputation.

Eleanor met Adyita (who she thought was cute) getting to know him a little better.   The whole party they became inseparable realizing they both were interested in each other.    They had a moment when no-one was looking in the hallway besides the stairs where they kissed for the very first time.   This relationship was getting stronger by the minute and as midnight approached Eleanor celebrated with Adyita making a resolution to become his girlfriend.

adiyta and eleanor

Things could have not been better for Eleanor starting the new year with romance, until she found out that her Mum was dying on the very same day.    The neighbors decided to go home and leave the family alone after-all it was around 4am.   Grim visited the household, as the neighbours were leaving, and read the script for poor Billie.   This family didn’t need any more stress and discomfort as Billie’s timing was impeccable.   Cayden was very upset and headed to bed to cry it out.   He decided he had to tell his sister Courtney as she was last living relative he had, apart from the kids.    So, he got up, went for a shower and put his winter clothing on to visit Courtney instead of talking on the phone.

billie dying

G2 Dixon – Part Eleven

Everyone took Bonnie’s death badly staying in their rooms for days and moping around the house.   It was the middle of November and getting colder ‘n’ colder.

Eventually Eleanor visited Elsa at her house and decided to stay for the dinner party she was having.  She had a brilliant time which was helping her emotions about Bonnie become brighter.

Devlin went back to work earning a promotion on how to become the perfect criminal.   Both Cayden and Billie just plodded on with work and relaxing when home.   Being in the senior years, they hadn’t got a much energy after a long day a work.

It was soon Christmas, so Eleanor brought the decorations down from the loft and started putting them up inside and out.   Eleanor had organized a party inviting some old friends to help the family celebrate the festive season with all that has happened.

Eleanor had discussed with Elsa her affections towards to her and tried attempting some flirting.   Elsa told her to back off and not to contact her for a while as this might ruin their friendship.   Eleanor started feeling embarrassed and started regretting organizing the party.   She did however enjoy the rest of the family’s reactions putting a smile on her parents faces again.   Devlin was out with mates trying to get as far away as possible from all the family festivities.   He came home in an angry mood, just as Father Winter arrived.   Father winter had said something that wound Devlin up even more, that they ended up in a fight with each other.   To cheer up Eleanor, Cayden decided it was time to give her present.   It was a cute little kitten, called Snowy.

snowy the kitten

G2 Dixon – Part Ten

Eleanor spent her birthday at the teen hangout to get away from her annoying brother.   She made some new friends and found out from one of her older friends that there was a babysitting job available at weekends.   She decided to pursue enquires the following day and went to ask if it would be possible for her apply for the job.

She gets the job and works hard at school to impress her father.     Cayden is delighted that he has confidence that Eleanor will become a role model to the next generation as she currently the next heir of the household.   He would prefer her eating habits to change and not become ill.

Eleanor first day at being a Nanny didn’t go to well as she found it hard to control the kid.   The mess was still there and was told, she was only getting one more chance before they asked for someone else.

eleanor top praises

As Cayden was entering his senior years, Devlin become more uncontrollable and he fear the worst going down the wrong path in life.   He slowly wondered why he turned out this way blaming himself for the upbringing.   Billie consoled him that there was nothing wrong with his parenthood skills and that the kids would behave this way regardless.   He was glad the heir was the successful kid and would continue the legacy with ease.

Bonnie became closer to death as she was now 100 years old, so she started remising her past, talking to Devlin to wisen up and start taking responsibility for his actions.   Not long after their discussion she quietly passed away.

bonnie dying


G2 Dixon – Part Nine

Devlin aged up into a teenager and was starting to be a bit more rebellious, breaking the house rules.    He never really fully recovered from the project incident with Cayden.   He escaped to a night club one evening breaking curfew and made some great friends.   On his return, Cayden had been watching at the window.   He immediately knew that there was trouble ahead so started to get a little angry.

devlin curfew

Cayden punished Devlin by grounding him for a few days, so he took his revenge out on Eleanor’s school project destroying it.    Although Eleanor was furious, her project had already been in school earning her good grades, it was just a memory she kept from primary school.

Cosmo became ill again and this time it was too late to go the vet.   The family rallied around while Grim said his speech.  Little Eleanor was heartbroken.

cosmo death

G2 Dixon – Part Eight

Eleanor took Cosmo to the vet again, as she was being sick all over the kitchen floor.   The vet examined and gave a diagnosis of Projectile Repugnitis, so time for the cone yet again since Eleanor cannot pay for any treatment being a kid.

Cayden realized that Courtney had not visited for years and wanted the kids to get to know her before they become teens.   They decided to meet at a café in town to make the kids comfortable as possible since the family had been there on many occasions and it was familiar.   Courtney made progress chatting to both the kids and found out how much she had missed with the family growing up.  She planned with Cayden to visit on a frequent basis, to ensure the kids don’t forget her.

meeting aunt courtney

The kids saw Aunt Courtney more often around the house when she visited regular.    Billie’s mum had also passed away around this time which affected Billie having to take of work for a while.   She was really close to her mum and saw her as more a sister than a parent.

G2 Dixon – Part Seven

Billie met her mum at the psychic night where a few ghosts started appearing.  It wasn’t as bad as she thought, and she rather enjoyed it.   They never had contact with who they were looking for but socialized regardless.

Cosmo the cat was usually found sleeping with the kids, as he was fond of Eleanor.

devlin and eleanor sleeping 1

The days and nights slowly passed on, with both toddlers becoming kids having totally different personalities.

Cayden had made sure that they always did their homework and light duties about the house.

Devlin had brought home a school project that he was trying to keep quiet.  He never realized that the school would phone his parents to say that he was the only kid never completed the task.   The school was only trying to find out if there was anything wrong, and inadvertently got Devlin in trouble with Cayden.

As soon as they were both home, Cayden sat Devlin down and completed the project together. Devlin was told never to do that again and was that unimpressed that a went through a phase of being a bear.

devlin project

G2 Dixon – Part Six

Cayden decided now that the kids are becoming toddlers, that little Cosmo should be Spayed.    He took her to the vets which was busy.   Cosmo ventered out in the surrounding area while it was our turn to be seen.   The vet called for Cosmo sometime afterwards so they both headed in to treatment room.   The vet did a little pre-examanation before attempting spay, and quickly realised that she had been bitten by a squirrel while roming outside.

vet squirrel

Cayden decided just to give her the basic treatment with cone and wait a while longer to get spayed.

Billie’s mum had phoned to tell her about a psychic night happening next week in the Salty Paws Saloon.   She had wanted to see if she could get in contact with her husband, who died a few months earlier.   Billie decided that she would go even though not keen about the idea of seeing a ghost.

Eleanor quickly became friends with Cosmo, being a cat lover herself.   She was often found running off at the parks in the hope of finding stray cats to provide them with a home, food & water etc.

Bonnie decided since it was a good day that she would take the kids out to the toddler park where Eleanor soon learned that no pets were allowed.   She wasn’t happy just playing with all the fun stuff and ended up scratching knee, crying wanting to go home.

new phototastic collage

G2 Dixon – Part Five

Cayden needed a little time to himself.  He had heard of an awesome party happening in town and said to Billie it was time for her to take care of the kids.   Cayden spent time relaxing and getting ready to head out for a night in town.  He invited Courtney along for some company and they both had a great night.

cayden dancing with courtney

Unaware that both Bonnie and Courtney were planning a party for his birthday, Cayden thought to himself that this was would the last time he would be able to have fun for a while.   His birthday was in a few days, so he knew that it would be like every other year, a little dinner tea party with the family.

It was soon Cayden’s birthday, Billie stayed home with the kids and Bonnie said to Cayden ‘Do you fancy a little walk?’.   Cayden replied ‘Sure, what’s up’?

They headed out in the direction of the party and Bonnie directed him inside.   ‘Happy Birthday Cayden’ said Bonnie ‘Courtney is around somewhere too’.    He was delighted and emotional that both his sisters had prepared this little surprise.   They all had a great time, dancing and eating cake.

surprise party

Bonnie came strolling in around 2am, whereas Cayden was tucked up around 11pm being more responsible.  The party was great success.