G3 Dixon – Part Three

Eleanor started planning to seek out venues, locations and food.    She found her perfect combination booking everything, then telling Aditya the plans.  His suit was already being Taylor made, ready for a fitting in a couple of days.   Aditya said, ‘Aren’t we planning this a little to fast?’  Eleanor replied, ‘Not for me, are you ok with this?’.   Aditya thought about it and replied ‘I want to be married to you, as I love you, so whatever you want is fine by me?

Friends & Family were notified and within no time at all, the spectacular day arrived with beautiful weather.

wedding album

That night the celebrations continued and when they headed out for Springfest the following day, Eleanor knew that the patter of tiny little feet was beginning to grow.  She immediately told Aditya, who was over the moon.    Life could not be any better.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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