G3 Dixon – Part Nineteen (Final)

Everyone claimed their own bedrooms in the new house and checked out the pool in the backyard.   The garage was converted into a laundry and working area for the handiness/jungle tables, so Gracie could continue with her archeology stuff.   Only one side of the house had been furnished with no access to the rest.    When all completed, I will give you a house tour.

Freya made a new pal, Genji on her day off work heading out in the town.    Her keyboard skills are slowly progressing when she had some spare time.

The new house started attracting all the local vampires and eventually one managed to gain access at around 4:52am on Sat Morning.  Salma Mandir woke up Eleanor and successfully gained blood to cure her hunger without Eleanor realizing what was happening.

Later that day, Gracie headed to the jungle to find more artifacts now that she was skilled on how to care of herself.   When she returned home, Eleanor passed away.   Freya still headed to work at 4pm but only managed to complete half of her tasks since she was grieving.   It was maybe a bad idea, but at the time she thought it would help.

Eleanor Dying

End of Generation Three, Thank you for reading. If you like the story so far, stick around for the next generation being posted very soon.

G3 Dixon – Part Eighteen

Harrison remembered the day he went out with Aditya heading back to the museum to comfort his grief.   He followed the same trail, viewing all the same pictures as they did together once before, changing the meaning of the paintings to something more personal.

The council builders where in the area having a look at Eleanor’s land.   Of course, she wondered why?  She owned this house and the surrounding area.    Eleanor went to ask what’s going on and discovered that they were concerned about the structure below.  Their client had water problems, and the council believed that there could be a burst water main directly below her house.   Eleanor unsure what to do next, immediately phoned Harrison, hoping he might have an answer.   He didn’t so she decided to call Freya, being the oldest, what her thoughts were.    Freya didn’t like the idea that house could possibly collapse on top of her one day.   The council were offering to fix the problem, by bulldozing her house and rebuilding a completely different design of anything she wanted.    This meant the family had no-where to live for a short while, so they visited gym’s, café’s, libraries’ etc. to shower, eat and so on.    Meanwhile Eleanor found blueprints (EA origin ID: simvention) of a fabulous house (BaseGame Family Mansion), that she knew she would not be able to furnish completely straight away.   She had kept all her belongings and appliances, so using her remaining funds done the best she could adapting the interior of this beautiful mansion.

G3 Dixon – Part Seventeen

Everyone started their new year continuing with their usual routines.   Party days were now over.    Eleanor decided that she would like to retire, as everyday when she came home she went straight to bed exhausted.

Freya’s birthday was forgotten yet again ageing into a young adult.   She had a little money saved up and seen someone selling an old keyboard.    So, she bought herself her own present and took up a hobby learning to play it.     I’m starting to get the impression that Freya is slowing getting neglected, which is sad.   Hopefully this changes further in the story.

Freya learning Keyboard

Founders day approached again and before anyone could participate, Aditya suddenly woke up and collapsed.  To be honest, I thought this may have happened sooner when he was reminiscing with the kids and Eleanor.    As usual everyone came to see if he was ok, but when they saw Grim appear, they knew what had happened.    No-one was in the mood for celebrating Founders Day so the whole holiday was a flop this year.    Eleanor once again went to the graveyard to her respects to the past generation’s and make Aditya comfortable among the rest of the family.

Adiyta dying

G3 Dixon – Part Sixteen

Harrison birthday was now upon us and as expected, he wanted to be a painter.   Although this was not his final career path, his life ambition is to be the best artist, making a little extra money.  The celebrations continued all day making everyone extremely happy.

The following day it was New Years Eve, so once again the party drinks came out and everyone celebrated once again gathering around the television for the midnight countdown.  It was only Harrison and Gracie who made resolutions, with Gracie managing to fulfil hers.   Harrison wasn’t bothered that he didn’t achieve his resolution, as he was in the minority of us all.   Think about it, how many resolutions have you made in the past that hasn’t come true? By February, those good intentions slowly disappear.

New Years countdown

G3 Dixon – Part Fifteen

Freya, Gracie & Harrison were first up on Winterfest.   They decided to decorate the tree leaving their parents sleeping.    Adiyta & Eleanor enjoyed their lie-in and made sure they took advantage by staying in their room all morning.    When they eventually headed down the stairs, the kids were opening their presents that were left in the hall beside the record player.   I guess they both forgot about the tree and luckily the kids remembered on the day.

opening christmas presents

Gracie had got a call from her friend, saying they were heading the jungle resort for the holiday’s. She was invited to join them so Gracie asked Eleanor if she was allowed.  Eleanor said ‘Yes, as long as you promise to phone home regularly.  Member it will be Harrison’s birthday soon’.   Gracie was delighted and called her friend straight away managing to catch them before the left.   The journey was only a few hours, so they were there in no-time at all.   Her friend took her deep into the jungle where they narrowly missed a Jaguar & Bats.   Gracie wasn’t sure about to continuing, but her friend knew of a little hideout where a plane had crashed and all that was left was the remains.   She followed her friend, still a little unsure but had a look around.   This was is it, she found her aspiration in life and realized she loved the archeology surrounding the plane.   She stumbled upon an old bone that been dig up before and wondered about the history surround it.   On their way back to the lodgings, she notices the next & final bus leaving for that day heading back to her hometown.   She still wanted to be around the family during this festive season, so she thanked her friend for inviting her and phoned Eleanor saying that she was heading home again.   She was planning on heading to the library to read all about archeology.

jungle trip

After all the festivities and excitement that day, everyone was getting tired.   Harrison started talking about all his creations with Father Winter when he appeared, that he was rewarded with another art table without asking or demanding another present.   Harrison thanked him and headed to bed.   Eleanor continued to entertain Father Winter in the living room as no-one else was around.

Eleanor talking to father winter 2

G3 Dixon – Part Fourteen

Found out what happened to Aditya, not only did his brother-in-law die but also his sister Diya.  I suppose that’s why he found it easier to hide from everyone.

Freya, going through a mean streak, started shouting at Harrison at the breakfast table.  Not sure what the conversion was about, Harrison was like whatever, I don’t really care and letting her babble on.   He wasn’t the type of person to start arguing or cause friction between anyone.   Freya realized that it wasn’t worth it talking to Harrison and stormed off in a mood.

breakfast discussion

Harrison went to his scout meeting later and got promoted to Unicorn scout.    He earned himself a little trophy and was told to work on completing another three badges.

Meanwhile at work, Eleanor was still trying to impress her boss completing projects and colleagues when ever she can.   She was now at the pinnacle of her career, running the new restaurant her boss made her manager off.    This afternoon the boss happened to witness her brilliant expertise working together in unison that he was going to help her become the celebrity chef status she deserves.   If she wasn’t so old, she may have considered venturing out on her own.

coworker chef

G3 Dixon – Part Thirteen

I had to take a few days break from playing in-between these parts, as I was devastated when happened next.    I was all set for completing another achievement with a career that my Sim died.    Who was it, I hear you all shout … ?

It was the criminal career which can only suggest one thing, DEVLIN.   Normally I would play with good sim’s, but all through this legacy I have been using generator’s for traits, aspirations and even careers to give my gameplay a little more excitement and the basis for this story.

Anyway, back to the story, the Grim Reaper appeared as usual. Eleanor tried to plead with him, but she was too late as the Grim had already read his rights and was in the process of converting Devlin into the Urn.   Although everyone didn’t really like his pranks and bad streaks, they still had the sad moodlets, since he was part of the family and did show his good side occasionally.  Eleanor knew it was time to cure everyone’s sadness, so she released him straight to the netherworld without any hesitation.  I can’t even imagine what he would be like as ghost, so didn’t give him the chance.   Could have possibly been either amusing or annoying gameplay, who knows?  Maybe in future generations we will test it out.

devlin death

Harrison decided he wasn’t going to his scout meeting but continued to create some sad pictures and eventually complete his childhood aspiration.   Gracie completed her homework and headed out for jog while Freya lounged about after also completing her homework.    I’m not sure what Aditya was doing, must have just kept himself to himself and away from everyone.


G3 Dixon – Part Twelve

Freya decided to take the kids ice skating although everyone kept falling.   Harrison stepped of the ice rather quickly, so Freya encouraged him to try again.   They all stayed for about an hour until they decided they had enough and went back home.   Gracie continued to play in the snow in the backyard as she was fed up being in the house all the time.   Aditya found her playing all alone, so he put on is winter boots and headed outside to start rolling a huge ball for the beginnings of a snow-pal.  Gracie tried to start a small one for the head but only get halfway before dad continued.   Gracie found some stones for decorations and went to get an old hat & gloves.   She had a wonderful time playing with Dad in the snow.


Devlin had been busy causing chaos as usual.   He managed to successfully release a virus into the cyberworld which takes control of a PC and breaks it.   He then creates a fake website where you can pay for an engineer to fix it, but no-one arrives.   He somehow manages to make a small profit $693 before the site is taken down and stopped.    He now must be careful that it is not linked back to him before getting arrested.

Since Gracie had so much fun with Dad, Aditya decided that he would also try doing something with Harrison.   It was the beginning of the weekend and still cold outside, so he had to think of something that he was interested in.  Harrison was very artistic, painting and creating small decorations to lie around the house.  Aditya had the perfect idea, spending a day at an art gallery with him.   This became a huge success with a new stronger bond beginning to grow between them.   Harrison couldn’t be happier with his day out and would love to hopefully do it all again soon.

art gallery

The following morning all the kids were happy entertaining themselves.   Aditya & Eleanor found a little moment together.   I am starting to wonder if Aditya is trying to tell us all something while making sure he spends time with everyone.

secret kiss

It was now time for Gracie to age to a teen, following the same career as Freya for a little extra cash, although this is not the career path she is looking to pursue.

gracie teen

apologies for the design in this picture

Aditya starts learning the guitar as little side hobby now that the kids are grown up to keep him amused with his spare time.

guitar hobby

G3 Dixon – Part Eleven

Harrison’s first scout meeting appeared the same day as Halloween.    He went to the meeting, while Aditya went to buy some pumpkins for the kids.  Aditya showed Gracie first how to carve using a tiny old table he had in loft.   When Harrison got home, he was quickly shown how to carve his, as they still had to get costumes on for trick ‘n’ treating later.


The kids got ready although the atmosphere looked like they were not enjoying looking silly.   Maybe it was the fact that Eleanor wanted to take a photo of them all dressed, IDK.   Once the sweetie bowl was out and the party started the kids enjoyed themselves.   Halloween was a great success, looking forward to next year.


Eleanor was in the process of tidying up the following day washing the kids costumes listening to music, that she forgot to check the lint tray.    The dryer suddenly set up in flames.   Luckily both Aditya and Devlin heard the alarm and ran to the rescue.    The fire was soon under control and Eleanor survived.     Eleanor went to have a long soak in the bath counting her blessings that she wasn’t badly hurt in the fire.


Their insurance paid out 200 simoleans which didn’t cover the damage from both the washing machine and dryer.   Once Eleanor was able to back to work, her boss promoted her to Executive Chef earning a $1959 bonus.    This couldn’t have come at a better time as now they were able to replace both the washing machine/dryer and continue their lives as normal.

G3 Dixon – Part Ten

Harrison’s toddler days passed very quickly.   While family life continued, Eleanor totally forgot all about maintaining her herbs in the greenhouse that they all started dying.    She decided that she would give it another try re-planting some the harvestables that she still left had in the pantry.

Spring was upon us once more with harvest-fest starting tomorrow.   The house was decorated for the event while the garden was maintained.   Before Freya aged to a teen, which so happened to be the same day Harrison aged to kid, the kids headed to park on Harvest-fest with their day off.

Freya aged up to a teen joining the retail Employee Career.   She was angry that all the attention went to Harrison that she didn’t join them for the grand meal.   Everyone else on the other hand had a great time.

grand meal