G3 Dixon – Part Two

An engagement party was now on the cards.   Eleanor took a day off work and started preparing some food, inviting friends & colleagues that were available.    Meanwhile Devlin caught up with an old enemy and started fighting in the alleyway.   His dastardly reputation was now growing within the community making everyone be weary in his presence.

fight and party

The Humor & Hijinks festival was coming to town so Devlin decided he would try it out having recently gained some confidence.    He made new friends, while joining the prankster’s side learning new tactic’s on how to annoy his rivals.   Evidently their team won gaining him one VooDoo doll.

As Aditya currently likes a windup, Devlin knew that if he succeeded to successfully prank him that he would have no problems with his arch rivals in the other clubs.    Devlin picked up the phone and ordered a large shipment to his house.    Aditya saw right through the prank and ordered the driver to take it back to Devlin to pay.    This started a little competition, as Devlin had to win eventually.

Everyone arrived for the party later that night and had a wonderful time.    Eleanor was now in her element and could see a bright future ahead.

engagment collage

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