G3 Dixon – Part Five

The newly wed couple were so emotional when they arrived home with Baby Freya, that the bedroom department heated up once again.  Devlin on the other hand enjoyed the neighborhood brawl getting involved with every fight and wind up that was happening.


Unfortunately, at this point, I was so involved with my game that I forgot to record pictures or jot down parts of the story.  I apologize deeply for jump forward in time and ask if you would like to use your own imagination of where this section of the story leads you.


Meanwhile back in Sim land, the Dixon household has a new arrival, as little Freya ages to a toddler.    In my mind this where the family were struggling through normal daily routines that eventually every household, at some point if luckily enough, will expand.   Baby Gracie was next arrival in the family and didn’t demand much attention throughout the day.   Instead during the night, she decided that everyone should be awake crying for feeding etc.    Every night when this happened little Freya woke up (as they shared a room as this point) and went into their parent’s room asking for one them to shut her up.    Since Freya was always looking out for the rest of the family, Aditya decided that, as it was a lovely day during this beautiful summer season, he would buy a paddling pool to give Freya more one-on-one attention.   From then on, almost everyday Freya continued to ask to play in the water, so eventually this became a new task within the family routine.

freya paddling

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