G3 Dixon – Part Six

The summer days continued having barbecues with friends and teaching Freya how to use the slide.   Eleanor was starting to save up and had a little nest-take gathering.   She seen a nice greenhouse in a neighbours garden on the way home from work one-day and decided she would spend some money getting one of her own.    She could see herself growing her own herbs for cooking as she was comfortably progressing in the cooking/gourmet cooking skills.    She ended up with a huge saving as it was sale day down at her local gardening store.   There was still some land spare at the back of the house that could be extended.    The rest of the savings was invested in extending another room around the kitchen and computer/logic room.   This was decorated as a little playroom for the kids.

freya eating

When Eleanor woke up, on remembered day, she went alone to the graveyard to tidy up her grandparents & parents graves.

Gracie aged up just short of Freya’s Birthday, so Aditya took the kids to the local toddler park where they became good friends as well as sisters.

sisterly love

When the family were all out that afternoon, Devlin thought it would be funny to destroy the kid’s toys.     As expected, no-one was amused on their return and Aditya shouted at Devlin telling him to get out of his sight.    He didn’t want to fight in front of the kids.

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