G3 Dixon – Part Nine

Freya & Gracie headed to the park in Oasis Springs on Sunday afternoon meeting new friends and having a great time.  When they returned home, dinner was ready.  They asked if they could play on the swings in the backyard before heading to bed later that night.

Devlin continued to make more pranks with friends to cure some boredom.   Not long afterwards he witnessed a fight happening at the Bathe de Rill and as the fight concluded someone died in the pool.   Finally, he managed to complete the ‘Public Enemy’ aspiration.

dev aspiration complete

Eleanor works hard at work trying to take her mind off from not having any more kids.    Her boss notices her achievements and dedication then offers her the incentive to continue with some more tasks that will allow her to run the next restaurant he is planning to open.   Of course, this is Eleanor’s dream job and promises to take his offer, completing any side project she can.

eleanor side project

She overheard her colleagues talking about the bowling team they were actively in.  They were about to compete in the final of the competition.   At this point, Eleanor’s stress levels were increasing every day, so she decided that she will spend some time with the kids taking them bowling at their local venue.

bowling night

A few days later, little Baby Harrison became a toddler.

Harrison playing

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