G3 Dixon – Part Eight

While Eleanor was in hospital, Freya aged to a child.    She loves school studying hard with her free time having the Whiz Kid aspiration.   As you can see, she also likes the boyish look rocking the old 80’s fashion.

With Freya being a perfect child again, Aditya made plans once again to renovate the house.  The layout situation upstairs needed another bedroom, and the kitchen/dining area was currently the wrong way.    It made sense for the rooms to be swapped with the laundry being accessed through the kitchen and not the dining room.     Eleanor came home and they had some family time surrounding the tele talking over Aditya plans.

family plans

Aditya started working, hiring contractors for the more complicated stuff, arranging the house as planned.    Eleanor through this time went back to work and ended up with another promotion to ‘Sous Chef’.   Baby Harrison was surprisingly calm during all the building works even with the loud noises.    Gracie continued to play in the playroom that had recently been added the house by Eleanor.   Freya came from school asking Aditya about being a ninja.   He replied, ‘best to start practicing your hiding places and see if anyone can find you.’

new rooms

Apologies for the dark pic’s maybe should have switched lights on first.  Basic upstairs layout for top picture, starting with master bedroom top left, going clockwise the family bathroom, Freya & Gracie’s room, Harrison and then Devlin’s room (bottom left).  The other two pictures show kitchen & dining area swapped making the house a little more accessible.   I’m not great at decorating, so builders please bear with me.

Not long after I started playing with new layout, the family cat Snowy died.   Yes, we had a cat, although not mentioned for a while.   Then as if by magic, somehow Gracie caught up with Freya and aged to kid.   Maybe I forgot that I was writing at story at this point, who knows.   It wasn’t planned or cheated it’s the Sims after all.

Gracie portraits

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