G3 Dixon – Part Eleven

Harrison’s first scout meeting appeared the same day as Halloween.    He went to the meeting, while Aditya went to buy some pumpkins for the kids.  Aditya showed Gracie first how to carve using a tiny old table he had in loft.   When Harrison got home, he was quickly shown how to carve his, as they still had to get costumes on for trick ‘n’ treating later.


The kids got ready although the atmosphere looked like they were not enjoying looking silly.   Maybe it was the fact that Eleanor wanted to take a photo of them all dressed, IDK.   Once the sweetie bowl was out and the party started the kids enjoyed themselves.   Halloween was a great success, looking forward to next year.


Eleanor was in the process of tidying up the following day washing the kids costumes listening to music, that she forgot to check the lint tray.    The dryer suddenly set up in flames.   Luckily both Aditya and Devlin heard the alarm and ran to the rescue.    The fire was soon under control and Eleanor survived.     Eleanor went to have a long soak in the bath counting her blessings that she wasn’t badly hurt in the fire.


Their insurance paid out 200 simoleans which didn’t cover the damage from both the washing machine and dryer.   Once Eleanor was able to back to work, her boss promoted her to Executive Chef earning a $1959 bonus.    This couldn’t have come at a better time as now they were able to replace both the washing machine/dryer and continue their lives as normal.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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