G3 Dixon – Part Twelve

Freya decided to take the kids ice skating although everyone kept falling.   Harrison stepped of the ice rather quickly, so Freya encouraged him to try again.   They all stayed for about an hour until they decided they had enough and went back home.   Gracie continued to play in the snow in the backyard as she was fed up being in the house all the time.   Aditya found her playing all alone, so he put on is winter boots and headed outside to start rolling a huge ball for the beginnings of a snow-pal.  Gracie tried to start a small one for the head but only get halfway before dad continued.   Gracie found some stones for decorations and went to get an old hat & gloves.   She had a wonderful time playing with Dad in the snow.


Devlin had been busy causing chaos as usual.   He managed to successfully release a virus into the cyberworld which takes control of a PC and breaks it.   He then creates a fake website where you can pay for an engineer to fix it, but no-one arrives.   He somehow manages to make a small profit $693 before the site is taken down and stopped.    He now must be careful that it is not linked back to him before getting arrested.

Since Gracie had so much fun with Dad, Aditya decided that he would also try doing something with Harrison.   It was the beginning of the weekend and still cold outside, so he had to think of something that he was interested in.  Harrison was very artistic, painting and creating small decorations to lie around the house.  Aditya had the perfect idea, spending a day at an art gallery with him.   This became a huge success with a new stronger bond beginning to grow between them.   Harrison couldn’t be happier with his day out and would love to hopefully do it all again soon.

art gallery

The following morning all the kids were happy entertaining themselves.   Aditya & Eleanor found a little moment together.   I am starting to wonder if Aditya is trying to tell us all something while making sure he spends time with everyone.

secret kiss

It was now time for Gracie to age to a teen, following the same career as Freya for a little extra cash, although this is not the career path she is looking to pursue.

gracie teen

apologies for the design in this picture

Aditya starts learning the guitar as little side hobby now that the kids are grown up to keep him amused with his spare time.

guitar hobby

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