G3 Dixon – Part Fifteen

Freya, Gracie & Harrison were first up on Winterfest.   They decided to decorate the tree leaving their parents sleeping.    Adiyta & Eleanor enjoyed their lie-in and made sure they took advantage by staying in their room all morning.    When they eventually headed down the stairs, the kids were opening their presents that were left in the hall beside the record player.   I guess they both forgot about the tree and luckily the kids remembered on the day.

opening christmas presents

Gracie had got a call from her friend, saying they were heading the jungle resort for the holiday’s. She was invited to join them so Gracie asked Eleanor if she was allowed.  Eleanor said ‘Yes, as long as you promise to phone home regularly.  Member it will be Harrison’s birthday soon’.   Gracie was delighted and called her friend straight away managing to catch them before the left.   The journey was only a few hours, so they were there in no-time at all.   Her friend took her deep into the jungle where they narrowly missed a Jaguar & Bats.   Gracie wasn’t sure about to continuing, but her friend knew of a little hideout where a plane had crashed and all that was left was the remains.   She followed her friend, still a little unsure but had a look around.   This was is it, she found her aspiration in life and realized she loved the archeology surrounding the plane.   She stumbled upon an old bone that been dig up before and wondered about the history surround it.   On their way back to the lodgings, she notices the next & final bus leaving for that day heading back to her hometown.   She still wanted to be around the family during this festive season, so she thanked her friend for inviting her and phoned Eleanor saying that she was heading home again.   She was planning on heading to the library to read all about archeology.

jungle trip

After all the festivities and excitement that day, everyone was getting tired.   Harrison started talking about all his creations with Father Winter when he appeared, that he was rewarded with another art table without asking or demanding another present.   Harrison thanked him and headed to bed.   Eleanor continued to entertain Father Winter in the living room as no-one else was around.

Eleanor talking to father winter 2

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