G3 Dixon – Part Fourteen

Found out what happened to Aditya, not only did his brother-in-law die but also his sister Diya.  I suppose that’s why he found it easier to hide from everyone.

Freya, going through a mean streak, started shouting at Harrison at the breakfast table.  Not sure what the conversion was about, Harrison was like whatever, I don’t really care and letting her babble on.   He wasn’t the type of person to start arguing or cause friction between anyone.   Freya realized that it wasn’t worth it talking to Harrison and stormed off in a mood.

breakfast discussion

Harrison went to his scout meeting later and got promoted to Unicorn scout.    He earned himself a little trophy and was told to work on completing another three badges.

Meanwhile at work, Eleanor was still trying to impress her boss completing projects and colleagues when ever she can.   She was now at the pinnacle of her career, running the new restaurant her boss made her manager off.    This afternoon the boss happened to witness her brilliant expertise working together in unison that he was going to help her become the celebrity chef status she deserves.   If she wasn’t so old, she may have considered venturing out on her own.

coworker chef

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