G3 Dixon – Part Seventeen

Everyone started their new year continuing with their usual routines.   Party days were now over.    Eleanor decided that she would like to retire, as everyday when she came home she went straight to bed exhausted.

Freya’s birthday was forgotten yet again ageing into a young adult.   She had a little money saved up and seen someone selling an old keyboard.    So, she bought herself her own present and took up a hobby learning to play it.     I’m starting to get the impression that Freya is slowing getting neglected, which is sad.   Hopefully this changes further in the story.

Freya learning Keyboard

Founders day approached again and before anyone could participate, Aditya suddenly woke up and collapsed.  To be honest, I thought this may have happened sooner when he was reminiscing with the kids and Eleanor.    As usual everyone came to see if he was ok, but when they saw Grim appear, they knew what had happened.    No-one was in the mood for celebrating Founders Day so the whole holiday was a flop this year.    Eleanor once again went to the graveyard to her respects to the past generation’s and make Aditya comfortable among the rest of the family.

Adiyta dying

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