G3 Dixon – Part Eighteen

Harrison remembered the day he went out with Aditya heading back to the museum to comfort his grief.   He followed the same trail, viewing all the same pictures as they did together once before, changing the meaning of the paintings to something more personal.

The council builders where in the area having a look at Eleanor’s land.   Of course, she wondered why?  She owned this house and the surrounding area.    Eleanor went to ask what’s going on and discovered that they were concerned about the structure below.  Their client had water problems, and the council believed that there could be a burst water main directly below her house.   Eleanor unsure what to do next, immediately phoned Harrison, hoping he might have an answer.   He didn’t so she decided to call Freya, being the oldest, what her thoughts were.    Freya didn’t like the idea that house could possibly collapse on top of her one day.   The council were offering to fix the problem, by bulldozing her house and rebuilding a completely different design of anything she wanted.    This meant the family had no-where to live for a short while, so they visited gym’s, café’s, libraries’ etc. to shower, eat and so on.    Meanwhile Eleanor found blueprints (EA origin ID: simvention) of a fabulous house (BaseGame Family Mansion), that she knew she would not be able to furnish completely straight away.   She had kept all her belongings and appliances, so using her remaining funds done the best she could adapting the interior of this beautiful mansion.

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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