G3 Dixon – Part Nineteen (Final)

Everyone claimed their own bedrooms in the new house and checked out the pool in the backyard.   The garage was converted into a laundry and working area for the handiness/jungle tables, so Gracie could continue with her archeology stuff.   Only one side of the house had been furnished with no access to the rest.    When all completed, I will give you a house tour.

Freya made a new pal, Genji on her day off work heading out in the town.    Her keyboard skills are slowly progressing when she had some spare time.

The new house started attracting all the local vampires and eventually one managed to gain access at around 4:52am on Sat Morning.  Salma Mandir woke up Eleanor and successfully gained blood to cure her hunger without Eleanor realizing what was happening.

Later that day, Gracie headed to the jungle to find more artifacts now that she was skilled on how to care of herself.   When she returned home, Eleanor passed away.   Freya still headed to work at 4pm but only managed to complete half of her tasks since she was grieving.   It was maybe a bad idea, but at the time she thought it would help.

Eleanor Dying

End of Generation Three, Thank you for reading. If you like the story so far, stick around for the next generation being posted very soon.

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