7d – Doc – Part One

Meet Doc who recently took residency in the city. Doc is a self-absorbed ambitious genius who would love to have a family with a special someone, someday.

A small 2-bedroom flat was for sale which was perfect for Doc. He tapped into his savings going to the local furniture store looking for anything on discount to redecorate his little flat to his own tastes. Think it turned out very well (featured image)

Noticing the noticeboard in the hall, a new advert was just being posted as Doc walked past. Doc went to look, and as luck would have it, the Hospital was looking for a new orderly/porter to assist with general cleaning and transporting of patients between the surgeries and wards. He decided to apply and was accepted starting in 2 days. Doc thought he should start to get to know his neighbours next door, inviting them in for a cuppa. Later that night he heard arguments coming from the apartment and wondered if he perhaps unconsciously caused the rows or if this happened regularly. Doc tried to knock patiently but was ignored.

The next day while waiting for new job to start, Doc visited the library, signing out some skill books. He then headed to the coffee shop for quick bite to eat preparing himself for starting at the Hospital.  Although there isn’t much preparation for cleaning etc, Doc decided that he could maybe explore the Doctor jobs and what qualifications were needed.  On his way home that day, he heard more noises coming from neighbour’s apartment. At that moment, he realised that his neighbour’s will continue being inconsiderate for all the apartments in the block.

Doc attended his first day at work and met Cameron Crisp. Cameron invited Doc to join him at Spice Festival where he would answer any of Doc questions about becoming a doctor. Cameron became good friends with Doc, introducing him to Joanna.

A few weekends later, it was a Singles night in the bar in town. Joanna invited Doc to join her hopefully finding someone special to become acquainted with. During the night Joanna & Doc were finding themselves hanging out together, playing fuse-ball which, they didn’t expect. As their friendship grew Doc provided Joanna with an apartment key.

Doc was promoted to Medical Assistant, so Cameron invited Doc over to his house to celebrate meeting the rest of his family and popping down to pub for a drink.

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