7d – Doc – Part Two

The friendship with Joanna grew stronger and stronger becoming romantically involved.    When doc returned from work one evening, Joanna was already at the flat.  She had some exciting news that she was afraid to share.   Yeah you guess it, she was expecting a little bundle of joy.  Doc was delighted and asked her to move in permanently.   Joanna of course said ‘yes’, deciding to take some odd jobs around the neighbourhood to earn a little more cash to decorate the spare room in a kids/nursery.  

Doc made dinner for Johanna coming home since she is now starting to show her baby bump.   The perfect little family was starting to form.   While Doc was back at work at the Hospital, Johanna decided she would visit (autonomously) taking a seat in the waiting room until Doc had a free moment.    Johanna went for a little walk around the Hospital grounds while waiting, accidently bumping into him.   Doc gave a quick little cuddle and said he wouldn’t be to much longer.    When Doc arrived, he wondered if anything was wrong, Johanna said ‘I’m fine’ but he decided to feel baby just to be sure.

On his next shift, Doc was promoted to Assistance Nurse.   It was a beautiful day outside and since Doc now had a few days off, he was planning a little surprise for Johanna.

Doc took Johanna to Von Estate where they walked around the grounds discussing what she planned for their future.  Doc was raised with the traditions of being married before living together or even sharing the same bed.   As it was now to late he was wondered what everyone would think, especially his parents.    Doc found the perfect spot beside the waterfall, where someone was already playing the piano.   Doc took his chance, proposing there and then which he had planned all along without the scenery.   This was an added bonus.   Johanna was delighted and immediately said ‘Yes’ wanting to elope immediately.   Doc agreed and they both got married.

Don’t normally show video’s but this was to good an opportunity that I actually managed to capture. Please visit my Facebook Page ‘Sims Stories’ to see Video’s.

They both headed home within a few hours, as Johanna was already in her third trimester and was due to give birth anytime. During the night she did indeed start labour so they both headed to the hospital, where the gave birth to twin girls, Silvia & Sneezy.

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