7d – Doc – Part Eleven

Sneezy headed to Brindleton Bay with her mates after school and seen a little vet clinic up for sale.  (taken from the Gallery ‘Pawsome Pet Clinic’ by zero_doll999) as I don’t have the imagination to create myself.   Sneezy wanted to persue Veterinary as a career when older, so after returning home, she decided to speak to her parents.   Doc agreed, deciding to buy on the condition that she also continued her studies at school hopefully reaching university.    Sneezy gave Doc a huge hug as she was delighted, they had supported her decision.

Doc & Sneezy finished the last of the birthday cakes, before her perfect day visiting the newly accommodated clinic.   Sneezy started getting everything together for opening day, spending hours, not realised that the time was now in the early hours of the morning.  Shattered she only just made it to make school without doing her homework.   She knew if Doc found out she would lose everything, so she tried to complete homework in-between her classes.   She was caught eating her lunch in the bathroom as most of time was making sure homework was completed.

Sneezy seen a poster in school with some scholarships that were available next term in University.    She decided to apply for Friends of the Animals as it suited everything she wanted to do.   Also hoping that this would make up for the school calling her dad.

When Sneezy arrived home, Doc wasn’t happy but when he heard her news his mood lightened and decided praise Sneezy instead.    Boy how things change rapidly in the Sims, why I love playing these Let’s Plays.

Several weeks went by with not much happening apart from another promotion for Doc to Medical Specilist and Sneezy receiving a compliment at school along with good grades.

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube. https://phdsimmer.tumblr.com/post/162408899766/7-dwarves-inspired-legacy-challenge-7d-legacy

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