7d – Doc – Part Ten

Time sure flies as soon it was New Year’s Eve.   A note on the notice board mentioned that there was going to be a gathering in the Salty Paws Saloon.    Doc decided to take the family to celebrate together.   As the photo suggests, Doc & Johanna had a fabulous time during the bell’s.   Not sure why Sneezy felt she had to watch but hey, that’s the Sims for ya.   Silva clearly had other things on her mind finding a kid from school to talk to.

The following morning, suffering from hangover’s & tiredness the family decide to go bowling.    They clearly wouldn’t win any tournaments but gave it their best shot and were spending more time together.    Sneezy found Silva’s toy robot to play with while Silva completed her homework, breezing through as she forgot she hadn’t done it at-all that weekend.

Kids head to school on the Monday closely followed by Doc going to work.   Johanna once again had the house to herself.   She decides to continue with writing creating more stories and collecting lots of Royalties’.   Her little self-employed business is surely coming along.    While Doc was at work a collapsed sim entered the hospital.  Doc was in the vicinity when it happened so decided to treat the patient very quickly.   His prompt actions were noticed by his supervisors earning another promotion to GP.

Silva was talking about the latest computer games with some kids at school, coming home also talking about the new game with Doc.   So, he decides, as had several promotions lately that he will buy a games console for the twin’s birthday’s in couple of days.

During the News Years party in the Salty paws, resolutions were made.  Johanna wanted to shed some pounds within the next 7 days.   To complete this resolution, she heads out for a little jog.    Doc & the twins realise that she had been gone a while and were looking for her to make dinner as they were getting hungry.   Both twins head out to look for her in-case anything bad happened while Doc started to cook dinner.   Johanna was found at the local stall eating hot dog.   Clearly, she’s doing well and at this rate not able to complete. 

The days rolled on and soon it was the twin’s birthdays.   Sneezy decides on a different look, while Silva continues with the scouts.   (only clothes and hair makeovers – still think twims have the same facial structures)

Doc gave them their games console to share, setting it up in the living room. Everyone had a great time learning to play the game that Silva was talking about.

console set-up in living room

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube. https://phdsimmer.tumblr.com/post/162408899766/7-dwarves-inspired-legacy-challenge-7d-legacy

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