G4 – Grey (Prt 5) #Not So Berry

Oh no !! Speaking of Ami, she invited grey out on a date then completely ignored him talking to the others in the bar. Grey made an extra effort to chat with Ami & her pals. Once the date was over she had the cheek to say goodbye. Grey attempted to stick around the bar then headed to the romance festival to speak with the guru. The reply he got was saying that a tall dark stranger was is in his future – like yeah whatever … bet she says this to everyone.

He then gets asked by Ren, if he should get to know Ami.
Naw !! if you know what’s good for you stay away. She is my teenage love interest & I’m not giving up. I like her too much.

Ooh the drama, Lanuola then asks for date. Well let’s see what happens by saying yes, I mean why not – what have we got to lose …

It’s was going well, Grey was about to make a move until suddenly the conversation took an unexpected turn. Its was an argumentative situation which led to the romance bar going in the wrong direction. Was this his first failed relationship ? It had barely took of the ground. Maybe it’s was for the best, after-all she was too old since turning into a elder.

On a separate note, Grey completed his Aspiration while his neighbour Kevin stopped by to repair the fridge introducing himself.

Back to the story, Grey decided to have a spooky party for Halloween after the date was unsuccessful. He invited as many friends as he could that were available including his Mum. Daichi was spending time with Yellow keeping her occupied. The following day a text appeared, it’s was mum asking whether she should pursue getting to know Daichi better. ‘Nah that’s weird Mum, stay away, he is one of my closest friends & way too young for you’, replied Grey.

Grey was still finding it hard to progress with career due to his indoorsy lifestyle, so more jogging outside & another potion helped relieving him from this lifestyle.

Now in level three by the end of the working week, it was time to take a vacation day & gather the club together down at the our favourite venue.

Grey was then invited to a disco at the ruins by his work colleague. Why not lets go….

It was the most happening party he had been to since Denise’s demise. Bumping into Girl-Friend Ami, I decided to let the game influence most of interactions. Looking away for a second I find them both in-front of a bush. Resuming control, you guess it they have more than just a little fun returning home at 4am.

For more information about this challenge, please click the link below and follow @lilsimsie & @alwaysimming​ on Twitter & YouTube.


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