G5 – Plum (Prt 9) #Not So Berry

It wasn’t long before Ami asked Plum’s opinion on having a kid, to which she responds ‘It’s up to you, I don’t care’. Plum has this festering grudge towards Ami anyway although I’m not sure why.

Gaining the next promotion in Fast Food career – that should have been completed before birthday – Plum applies to help the doctor’s in the local hospital. She gets the job, immediately entering at level 3. (Whoaw that happen fast?) Alrighty then, skill building it is (since I choose the harder route of picking various skills).

Plum heads to the slopes, spending almost 24 hours there which also included relaxing in the hot springs. I’m still not sure who Plum is meant to be with at this point so always on the look-out. She does however develop this crush on Eloise.

Could this be the one? Plum takes her to lunch to find out ….

It doesn’t go to plan, but feel some progress has been made. Let’s wait a few days & see what happens.

During this time, Plum gains the want to quit job before she has even begun.

Huge decisions –

Do I go down this route ?

After-all the task has already been completed within this aspiration.

It’s done I hit the button. Plum starts talking to Ami about it.

Plum: Have I done the right thing, mum?
Ami: Yes, I always say follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong.
Plum: Thanks mum. Why did I ever doubt myself?

Pop-ups then appeared for Grey & Ami to age up. No !! I’m not ready for this. Grey is still having difficulties completing the career. This irresponsible trait is starting to cause more & more hassle, with the progress bar always on a downwards spiral – no matter what I do. I think … (i could be wrong) but Grey may feel the same way.

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