G5 – Plum (Prt 10) #Not So Berry

It was time to check in on Julie after she left. She never took a lot of savings with her, so she found a roommate that had a cat & was struggling to make rent. Julie moved in, immediately getting to know both of them.

She wanted to be mean to someone, so invited over Shigeru (only bc friendship bar was low). A heated discussion took place, then when she found out he was the landlord, the discussion took a whole new level. She couldn’t believe that the landlord would let this sim stay here for that long in these conditions. Needless to say, don’t think there is any loved lost between them.

Once the landlord left, Julie told Gilbert all about it since he slept the whole time. He is glad to have a friend like Julie who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Let’s hope this is the start of another branch of tree.

Back with the rest of the family, Grey is still having problems advancing in his career. Maybe the professional slacker trait might help (I mean he has several points to use, so why not?). It’s a bit early to tell, so I gave Grey a few vacation days. Have I damaged it more, who knows?

Plum is keen to start something new, so joined the entertainer career (still advancing straight to level 3). While waiting on her next shift, she heads to the slopes once again having a great time until … what ? … wait …. that’s my book Sir, put that down. Plum had only stepped aside for a second to take a selfie with Hitomi. After he put it down, I was about to snatch it back when — wait a minute … now you? Come on, this is how I lost the previous one. (note to self, stop reading in public)

Plum headed home to try & get some sleep, but kept thinking ‘How is Eloise getting on?’. Maybe I’ll sent her a quick message just to be sure.

Heading to bed, it wasn’t long before she awoke again. What’s the game throwing at us now, I go and check …

Eh? Is this right ? Are you sure ? Did I miss something ?
When was Eloise & Plum together ?

I do have neighborhood stories for all played / un-played sims on, but I thought the current household was exempt for that period of time. Does the game still think I’m playing with Julie?, even though it was at least 2 IRL hours playing time with Plum.

Anyway I guess this will do, the story might have been going in this direction in my head but this gameplay is so much rewarding & funny since the latest patch updates.

Don’t change, I’m actually starting to enjoy it even though this situation with Grey’s career is little annoying but that’s the fun of it. I am eager playing for this reason, as it brings a lot more drama. I love it.

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