Part Three

I headed back the Roomies house for some more domestic cleaning over the next few weeks.   I suppose I just wanted to see J again.   As my wages grew, it was time to update my little plot of land.  I learned from talking to other gardeners that harvesting earns big amounts of money.  So, I started planting a little fruit garden with 8 Snapdragons, 1 Strawberry and 6 Onions.

Life was perfect.   I was earning a little cash with my garden, hanging out with J and his friends, visiting the lounge bars and partying at their home.   I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

friend collage

One day while I was at J’s house I couldn’t believe it; maybe my world was about to end when I caught him flirting with Zoe Patel (his roommate).

Was it over between us?

Has he lost interest because I was taking things slow?

I thought we were in love with love with each other and would have waited until I was ready for the next step.   How wrong was I?

I finished the rest of my shift and headed home to drown my sorrows.

sad about J

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