Part Four

When I got back to the park, I wanted to curl up in a cosy corner and hide.   My heart was broken and wouldn’t be mending anytime soon.   I had decided that it was best not to return to the house for a while, so I consoled with his other roommate Maxwell about what I should do next.   Whether I should contact or leave him?

consoling with Maxwell about J

Mitchell was very helpful.  Knowing J the way he does, he convinced me not to give up and to go and speak to J about my feelings.   So that night I phoned him, and I made him aware that if anything like this happens again there will be no second chances.   He apologized, mentioned that he was only play flirting with Zoe and hadn’t realized that it had caused so many problems between us.   He agreed to stop any flirting while our relationship grew stronger.

We talked some more in a quiet corner of the lounge bar a couple of days later, finding out things we never knew before.   He was a Quality Assurance worker at Rainy-Day Entertainment and I let him know that I didn’t have many possessions or a proper job.  It was a very successful evening, and I was optimistic that things were back on track.

The following day I met Selena at the park after my little nap on a bench.  Since she caught me sleeping, she quietly informed me that she ran a successful homeless shelter.   She offered me to stay the night for a proper sleep, shower, and some breakfast in the morning.   By this time I was in desperate need of sleep in a bed rather than the hard park benches, so I took her offer and spent the rest of the day/night at the shelter.

1st night in shelter

breakfast at shelter
Breakfast with Selena




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