Part Five

I thanked Selena for mentioning to me about the shelter and she agreed to keep it between us.   It was brilliant to have some food and a warm bed to sleep in, so she offered me to spend more nights whenever the weather was bad.   I was delighted, somewhere to go and keep warm.

J phoned me later that day and asked if I wanted to join him at the Humor and Hijinks Festival.   I said yes, thinking this would be great way to spend more time together.   We joined in with Jokesters Team and ending up winning.




I had no need for the microphone or fireworks, so I sold them to get more money.  Both of us were excited about the day out together, that we decided to go on another date to the romantic lounge in the city.

Several drinks later, we got very passionate with each other and he invited me back to his to stay the night.   Yippee no shelter or park bench for me tonight.

date night

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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