Part Six

That night J and I spent together was special, as it was my first.   It will be remembered for years.

first night together

We were rudely interrupted that night by Vampire Vladislaus.  He had managed mesmerize me and suck my blood before J could stop him, which made me feel uncomfortable the rest of night.   I had started feeling sick so went to sit in living room for a while.   I didn’t want to keep J awake also.   J never went back to sleep and sat with me the whole night trying to make me feel better.

The sickness continued for a few days.  Could I possibly be pregnant or is it just aftermath from the Vampire?   I decided I had to take a test to find out as I still didn’t have a roof over my head.   The test came back negative followed by a sigh of relief.

preg text failed

Once I started to feel better, I knew it was time to start building before I do end up impregnated.  I started to investigate at the local library finding out what information I would need if any.   I had my own planning permission on the land, so I was free to do whatever I wanted as long as it didn’t expand from my plot.   Preparations were under way and at least I can now say I have my own house.  It may not be much, but its still home to me.

new home

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