Part Seven

Now that I had a place to stay and go to sleep, it was time to get myself a job.   I headed down to the local library to see if there were any vacancies.   I applied for dishwasher job and was asked to come for an interview tomorrow.   Things are now slowly coming together so I decided to get a full makeover to show them that I am confident worker and would be a great asset to the restaurant.

new look

Told J later that I got the job, he showed me how to mix drinks etc and let me practice with their bar at home. I found out that I was good at it, so I could see progress with my career swiftly.  I mean no-one wants to be a dishwasher all the time.

Afterwards we headed to the park for some fresh air, as the summer weather was approaching.   We managed to pick a great spot for some romance and couldn’t help kissing each other again.   I had found the ideal man to raise a family and spend the rest of my life with.

spending time with J at park

After a wonderful day down at the park, I was invited back to stay which I gladly accepted.   This time we had no interruption’s and were madly in love with each other.

Maxwell was first up making breakfast when the fire alarm went off.   Will there ever be a night at the roomies house without drama?   Everyone else headed outside to call the fire brigade, I headed for the extinguisher to try and tackle it first.   Managed to get under control when the hunky firefighters appeared.   They told me to join my friends outside, so they can make things safe again.   This is when I noticed Zoe was seriously injured and needed medical treatment straight away.   I tried phoning the emergency services once more.  Despite all the efforts from firefighters trying to revive her, she was pronounced DOA when the ambulance arrived with the doctor.

death of Zoe

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