Part Three

Things were progressing with Anneka’s relationship with parents, visiting parks and meeting some nursery friends. One morning Emilie started feeling unwell and by lunchtime all was fine.  She ignored the signs and carried on with the rest of the day.   The next morning same thing happened, she knew deep down that she couldn’t ignore it so decided to take the test.   A positive result, a new member to the household.

During the pregnancy, Anneka aged up to a young child making new friends at school.   She liked school as was always keen to do her homework with either her Mum or Dad. Emilie was unsure how Anneka would react when the new baby arrived, so she allowed her to bring a friend home from school.   Although she didn’t realize that her chosen friend was a boy, Gary.   They seemed to really like each other so Emilie and J invited him to stay for Dinner.     Gary was liked by everyone, so he continued to visit at the weekends.

One day after school Fatima was at home to great Anneka.   This is was strange as she only helped as Nanny occasionally by this point.   Anneka asked why her parents weren’t home and she replied the new baby is arriving. ‘Your Dad is at work and Mum is at the hospital’ Fatima continued ‘I am babysitting until Mum arrives home.’

birth of Bonnie

Bonnie was introduced to the family when Emilie got home and very quickly the midnight feeds and screaming became all too familiar.   Anneka didn’t seem to mind that Bonnie had now become centre of attention.  She constantly phoned and chatted to Gary, who by now was her best friend.   They consoled in each other when they needed a little assurance about school and home life.

It was long when Anneka came rushing home from school, with a good report card and certificate from teacher saying she was the top of the class.   She was delighted, so Emilie and J decided to celebrate and take her for dinner at her favourite restaurant.

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