Part Four

Bonnie has now become a toddler and started sharing a room with Anneka.  They never argued or broke any of each other’s toys, so they ended up with a strong sisterly bond with each other.   Anneka taught bonnie a few things and became a good big sister.

anneka and bonnie

Emilie announced that she about to give birth again, this time not knowing she was pregnant.  J wanted to celebrate, as he also got another promotion at work to a Project Manager.   They headed off to their favourite picnic spot at the back of Willow creek.   Emilie knew she had some hamburgers spare, so she started cooking them on the barbecue.   Everyone had a great evening and couldn’t wait to meet their new brother/sister/son or daughter.

picnic time

Family time around the dinner table was a regular theme, as they all enjoyed this quality time together.   A huge step forward to the newly ‘never around’ parents when Anneka was born.  J made a wish before blowing out his candles, hoping for a little boy to play footie with.

family dinners & j birthday


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