Part Five

The family headed to the hospital to meet Courtney.   J thought to himself ‘not another girl’.   He was starting to feel overwhelmed being the only male with all these females.   He started going to gym more often than usual meeting Mitchell (one of his old roommates).

coutrney birth

So far Dr Masato had delivered Anneka & Bonnie and has become a good friend of the family.  He has visited the house on a few occasions to see the kids growing up.   Courtney was delivered by Medical intern Nobuya Ishikawa.

Since the household has now a baby and toddler, Anneka has been the sweetest kid ever constantly tidying and washing dishes for her parents.

Romance festival game to town, Emilie and J decided to go and spend some time together away from kids and stresses at home.   J proposed and the had a wee romantic kiss as Emilie said ‘Yes’ on her birthday.

A couple of days later Anneka left for High School upset as no-one acknowledged her birthday.   What she didn’t realize that her parents had been secretly converting the loft upstairs to a bedroom all for her.   She returned home, and Emilie had asked her to get something from the loft and bring it down.   She was delighted to see all stuff in her new bedroom and ran downstairs immediately and gave Emilie a huge cuddle.   Emilie replied, ‘Happy Birthday, you thought we had forgotten, didn’t you?’. Anneka said ‘Yes and thank you for the best birthday ever’.

engagement & new room for anneka

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