G2 Dixon – Part Three

Billie continued to hide until she was about to pop, so Cayden invited her over to make sure everything was ok.   They had a long deep discussion about their future, and decided it was time for her to move in and raise the baby together.

A few days later, Billie went into labor.  It happened so quickly, that there was no time to head to the hospital.  Luckily, they had discussed names during their big long discussion, so it was easy when the baby arrived.

It was a boy, named Devlin.   Renovations took place again, creating a child’s bedroom upstairs while baby Devlin slept in Cayden and Billie’s room.

During this period no photos were taken as it took a while to complete the upstairs floor.   Boxes lying everywhere with materials all around the Garden, as the construction workers never appeared when hired.   To keep the fun level’s up Billie and Cayden were constantly behaving like two lovesick teenagers.


Meanwhile, Bonnie had found her dream job as an entertainer since it branched into Musical gigs playing at all the different venues.  It was perfect timing as she was considering her future with Business Management  and no longer enjoyed it.   Her passion was still music, playing the violin, so it’s was time to brush up on her comic skills as she went for the interview.

Courtney had decided to move in with her new boyfriend and raise a family of her own.   She still visited the old family home every week to catchup with Bonnie & Cayden.

Eventually when Devlin was about a become a toddler, the renovations of upper floor were finished.  Cayden helped Devlin with the candles on the cake as he aged up.


Cayden tried to raise Devlin the best he could, potty training at every opportunity, as he knew it won’t be long before Billie was carrying again.

cayden potty training devlin

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