G2 Dixon – Part Four

A few days later, Billie had mentioned that she was pregnant again just as Cayden predicted.   Billie had kept the secret quite until she was showing a bump.   They both decided she would continue to work until her due day to get as much money as possible for the household.

It wasn’t long before she started getting contractions/pain, so she went to the A & E to get checked as the baby was not due yet.   She was rushed into surgery immediately to have a caesarian as they were problems with the pregnancy.   The doctors knew that it was best for both mother and baby being separated to stand much better chance of living.   The baby was fully formed, just small and delicate.   Both Billie and the newly born baby spent weeks in hospital under doctor’s supervision.

eleanor born 1

Billie didn’t care about fashion and wore old clothes constantly.   She focused more on the kids instead.  Cayden came to visit at the hospital on many occasions and had to convince Billie that this baby needed a name, as it became healthy enough to go home.    They discussed it for several days and finally decided on Eleanor.

The day arrived when both Billie and Eleanor got home, so Cayden took on more responsibilities feeding and attending to kids to allow Billie to go back to work again.

cayden and eleanor


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