G2 Dixon – Part Six

Cayden decided now that the kids are becoming toddlers, that little Cosmo should be Spayed.    He took her to the vets which was busy.   Cosmo ventered out in the surrounding area while it was our turn to be seen.   The vet called for Cosmo sometime afterwards so they both headed in to treatment room.   The vet did a little pre-examanation before attempting spay, and quickly realised that she had been bitten by a squirrel while roming outside.

vet squirrel

Cayden decided just to give her the basic treatment with cone and wait a while longer to get spayed.

Billie’s mum had phoned to tell her about a psychic night happening next week in the Salty Paws Saloon.   She had wanted to see if she could get in contact with her husband, who died a few months earlier.   Billie decided that she would go even though not keen about the idea of seeing a ghost.

Eleanor quickly became friends with Cosmo, being a cat lover herself.   She was often found running off at the parks in the hope of finding stray cats to provide them with a home, food & water etc.

Bonnie decided since it was a good day that she would take the kids out to the toddler park where Eleanor soon learned that no pets were allowed.   She wasn’t happy just playing with all the fun stuff and ended up scratching knee, crying wanting to go home.

new phototastic collage

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