G2 Dixon – Part Eight

Eleanor took Cosmo to the vet again, as she was being sick all over the kitchen floor.   The vet examined and gave a diagnosis of Projectile Repugnitis, so time for the cone yet again since Eleanor cannot pay for any treatment being a kid.

Cayden realized that Courtney had not visited for years and wanted the kids to get to know her before they become teens.   They decided to meet at a café in town to make the kids comfortable as possible since the family had been there on many occasions and it was familiar.   Courtney made progress chatting to both the kids and found out how much she had missed with the family growing up.  She planned with Cayden to visit on a frequent basis, to ensure the kids don’t forget her.

meeting aunt courtney

The kids saw Aunt Courtney more often around the house when she visited regular.    Billie’s mum had also passed away around this time which affected Billie having to take of work for a while.   She was really close to her mum and saw her as more a sister than a parent.

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