G2 Dixon – Part Nine

Devlin aged up into a teenager and was starting to be a bit more rebellious, breaking the house rules.    He never really fully recovered from the project incident with Cayden.   He escaped to a night club one evening breaking curfew and made some great friends.   On his return, Cayden had been watching at the window.   He immediately knew that there was trouble ahead so started to get a little angry.

devlin curfew

Cayden punished Devlin by grounding him for a few days, so he took his revenge out on Eleanor’s school project destroying it.    Although Eleanor was furious, her project had already been in school earning her good grades, it was just a memory she kept from primary school.

Cosmo became ill again and this time it was too late to go the vet.   The family rallied around while Grim said his speech.  Little Eleanor was heartbroken.

cosmo death

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