G2 Dixon – Part Ten

Eleanor spent her birthday at the teen hangout to get away from her annoying brother.   She made some new friends and found out from one of her older friends that there was a babysitting job available at weekends.   She decided to pursue enquires the following day and went to ask if it would be possible for her apply for the job.

She gets the job and works hard at school to impress her father.     Cayden is delighted that he has confidence that Eleanor will become a role model to the next generation as she currently the next heir of the household.   He would prefer her eating habits to change and not become ill.

Eleanor first day at being a Nanny didn’t go to well as she found it hard to control the kid.   The mess was still there and was told, she was only getting one more chance before they asked for someone else.

eleanor top praises

As Cayden was entering his senior years, Devlin become more uncontrollable and he fear the worst going down the wrong path in life.   He slowly wondered why he turned out this way blaming himself for the upbringing.   Billie consoled him that there was nothing wrong with his parenthood skills and that the kids would behave this way regardless.   He was glad the heir was the successful kid and would continue the legacy with ease.

Bonnie became closer to death as she was now 100 years old, so she started remising her past, talking to Devlin to wisen up and start taking responsibility for his actions.   Not long after their discussion she quietly passed away.

bonnie dying


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