G2 Dixon – Part Eleven

Everyone took Bonnie’s death badly staying in their rooms for days and moping around the house.   It was the middle of November and getting colder ‘n’ colder.

Eventually Eleanor visited Elsa at her house and decided to stay for the dinner party she was having.  She had a brilliant time which was helping her emotions about Bonnie become brighter.

Devlin went back to work earning a promotion on how to become the perfect criminal.   Both Cayden and Billie just plodded on with work and relaxing when home.   Being in the senior years, they hadn’t got a much energy after a long day a work.

It was soon Christmas, so Eleanor brought the decorations down from the loft and started putting them up inside and out.   Eleanor had organized a party inviting some old friends to help the family celebrate the festive season with all that has happened.

Eleanor had discussed with Elsa her affections towards to her and tried attempting some flirting.   Elsa told her to back off and not to contact her for a while as this might ruin their friendship.   Eleanor started feeling embarrassed and started regretting organizing the party.   She did however enjoy the rest of the family’s reactions putting a smile on her parents faces again.   Devlin was out with mates trying to get as far away as possible from all the family festivities.   He came home in an angry mood, just as Father Winter arrived.   Father winter had said something that wound Devlin up even more, that they ended up in a fight with each other.   To cheer up Eleanor, Cayden decided it was time to give her present.   It was a cute little kitten, called Snowy.

snowy the kitten

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