G2 Dixon – Part Twelve

The days inbetween Christmas & New Year the family watched old movies, played games and made Snowy feel welcome.   Devlin on the other hand was always out with not a care in the world or how is family felt.   Cayden was deciding at this moment whether he should be disowned or kicked out the house.   He felt if he was still close being in the household that he could try and keep an eye on him.   Afterall he does still help with the bills, no matter where his cash comes from.

The local neighbours popped round for New Year each bringing their own drink for the bar.   Cayden decided that they could all gather for a party in the hope that Devlin wasn’t ruining his reputation.

Eleanor met Adyita (who she thought was cute) getting to know him a little better.   The whole party they became inseparable realizing they both were interested in each other.    They had a moment when no-one was looking in the hallway besides the stairs where they kissed for the very first time.   This relationship was getting stronger by the minute and as midnight approached Eleanor celebrated with Adyita making a resolution to become his girlfriend.

adiyta and eleanor

Things could have not been better for Eleanor starting the new year with romance, until she found out that her Mum was dying on the very same day.    The neighbors decided to go home and leave the family alone after-all it was around 4am.   Grim visited the household, as the neighbours were leaving, and read the script for poor Billie.   This family didn’t need any more stress and discomfort as Billie’s timing was impeccable.   Cayden was very upset and headed to bed to cry it out.   He decided he had to tell his sister Courtney as she was last living relative he had, apart from the kids.    So, he got up, went for a shower and put his winter clothing on to visit Courtney instead of talking on the phone.

billie dying

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