G2 Dixon – Part Thirteen

Cayden arrived at Courtney’s & Bentley’s House the next day.   Bentley was in the bathroom, so Cayden went to find out where Courtney was.

Bentley said ‘Hi Cayden I was planning on coming to see you today, as I have something to tell you’ Cayden replied ‘That’s why I’m here, I also have some news to tell Courtney.  Do you know where she is?’

‘You First’ said Bentley.  Trying to stray away from the subject.

Cayden replied ‘My wife passed away last night, and I want to console myself by speaking with Courtney’

‘Oh no, my condolences Cayden.  This puts me in a rather tricky spot as I was also about to tell you … instead let’s go a sit down for a sec’ replied Bentley.

Once they were both sitting comfortably Bentley continued ‘I’m afraid I have some very upsetting news Cayden, Courtney also passed away last night.   I am so very sorry and if there is anything I can do, you know where I am.

courtney house

Cayden didn’t know how to process this news, both sister and wife on the same day.   He stuck around at Bentley’s for a while trying to digest all this information.   This was a huge shock and it was about to get even worse.  While Cayden was still mourning both Billie and now Courtney, someone entered the house.   It was the nasty Grim Reaper. Cayden feared that this was his time to go, but Grim went to the back of the house.   Cayden followed and was shocked to discover Bentley lying on the floor.   At this point Cayden was about to go and jump of the nearest bridge as he couldn’t take much more.   Instead he headed home, before anything else happened, and went to find solace in the computer by blogging about the day’s events.

bentley death

With all that was going on Founders day was completed ignored, understandably.  Emilie had left the thankful spirit for this tradition, as she started off homeless with nothing but the clothes on back and was truly grateful for where she ended up.   A successful family, traditional home and loving husband.   Cayden was the only person that loved this thankful spirit, but with everything that has just happened he had nothing to be thankful for.    Eleanor ignores the tradition completely no matter what happens and won’t be participating next year.

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