G2 Dixon – Part Fourteen Final

After the funerals, Cayden and Eleanor found themselves back at the cemetery to help with their emotions.   Devlin refused to go with them, so they left him to defend for himself.   As they were leaving, something rather nice happened.  Little Snowy went up to also pay his respects, even though he barely knew both Billie or Courtney.   Having a pet slowly pays off with all the unconditional love that you get.


Time passed to a few days ahead, when Eleanor got a call from someone she had forgotten all about.   It was Adyita from the New Year party wanting to take a stroll in the park.   Eleanor accepted the offer as this could be the perfect way to relieve her stress.   They talked for hours walking around the park, until a dog tried attacking them.   Adyita stepped in straight away protecting Eleanor and told the dog to back off.   Eleanor liked this side to Adyita and decided they should go on date.   That evening they headed to the pub in Brindleton Bay where Adyita gave Eleanor a rose with a very romantic message.

date night

They had a great evening and a successful date, even though she spotted Devlin several times.   He was up to no good sabotaging every item he could find, maybe he was with his mates showing off I don’t know.   Anyway, Eleanor decided it was best not to draw any attention that she knew him, let alone being her brother.

When she returned home, something rather peculiar happened.   Just as before with Cayden and Emilie in Generation One’s finale, the current heir slowly passed away.   Note to self, watch date nights during future generations.   Eleanor is now head of household and must find a way to control Devlin or kick him out.

End of Generation Two, Thank you for reading. If you like the story so far, stick around for the next generation being posted very soon.

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