G3 Dixon – Part One

Love day slowly appeared, and Eleanor received another call from Aditya.   It was a beautiful day outside and he fancied a swim.  So they both headed to the bluffs in Windenburg, realizing that they were the only people there.    They splashed & played kissing each other in-between.    Since no-one else continued to show, they dared each other to go one step further.    Yes, that’s right, things are about to get hot and steamy at the bluffs.

bluffs skinny dip

As you can see the dare was accepted by both using the bushes to hide while they got their limited kit off.   As these stories normally end, they started discussing how they were going to prepare themselves to leave the pool.    Luckily no-one continued to show, so another dare was suggested to leave together hand ‘n’ hand bearing all.    They swam around while deciding to accept the challenge, and as soon as they both reached the end of the pool, out they came.   They had a wee smooch then got dressed, to head for some lunch/dinner at around 4pm.

Eleanor invited Aditya to stay the night, as she had the perfect day and didn’t want it to end.    He accepted saying he couldn’t stay the full night.    They had a wonderful time and as he was about to leave, Eleanor decided she didn’t want anyone else stealing her man.    In keeping with normal traditions, she slowly knelt on one knee.  In true Sims style, a ring appeared as from no-where.   Aditya accepted.   They were now engaged in the final hours of Love Day.

engagement moodlets

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I'm new blogger, hopefully creating some interesting stories while playing the Sims 4 game.

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