G3 Dixon – Part Seven

Aditya got a call from his sister Diya with some bad news.   His mum Anvi had just passed away.   Of course, he was devastated with the news and locked himself away for a few days.

To cheer up Aditya, Eleanor took him to lunch on ‘Night on the Town’ day as they were serving free food and thought he wouldn’t appreciate going clubbing.   She hired a nanny for the day, listening to Adiyta’s problems at the Sunny Side diner and tried providing some solace.   It seemed to do the trick as he left happier than the last few days in his room.

free lunch datejpg

Devlin arranged and started a new club called the ‘Bad Ass Bandits’ competing against the ‘Renegades’ as they refused him entry as teenager.    One of the member’s named ‘Wolfang’ applied with wrong information when joining club.  Devlin had heard through the grapevine that he was also a member of the Renegades.  He immediately kicked him out embarrassing him in front of everyone at the Gym.    The ‘Bad Ass Bandits’ assemble at any Gym location so this made it harder for him not to bump in to any them in the future.    Wolfgang passed the information he learned to the rest of Renegades so a fuel out feud began between the clubs.

devlin at gym

As you may have noticed at the Sunny Side diner, Eleanor was considerably bigger than usual.    What I failed to mention is that she was also pregnant at this time and the baby was now long overdue.    She headed to hospital once again where they started procedures to get the kid out as soon as possible.     She phoned Aditya letting him know that Baby Harrison had been born.    Aditya was still upset from losing mum that he said, ‘Oh no, not again and asked Eleanor if she would consider a small operation to avoid any further kids in future’.    As it turned out this is what the doctor mentioned as Harrison’s birth was really close to a fatal situation for both mother and child.   Eleanor said ‘Yes, no problem.  I’ll be in hospital for a few days.   Can you take care of the kids?’.

oh no not another kid (harrison)

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