7d – Doc – Part Three

Life certainly changed around the house with twin babies.   Both Doc & Johanna attended to the twins together when they started crying sharing responsibility evenly.    Doc became more & more tired at work with lack of sleep at home.    Johanna decided to be a stay-at-home mum, but still missed keeping herself busy at work, so she took the twins shopping and bought herself a laptop.   Johanna thought that while the kids were asleep, she could work from home starting her little business of a self-employed writer.   She already aced school which made her confident that this little business would succeed.    All she had to do now was name it.    Johanna came up with the perfect idea a ‘Mini Doctor Series’ explaining and providing examples of Real-Life Doctor / Patient scenarios.    Obviously, no customer details were published just how the doctor’s managed to juggle work during their long shifts.     Doc & Johanna now had another thing in common which made their marriage stronger.

Doc eventually had a day off during the weekend, so decided to explore the city.   He met people along the way, watching a buster play in the centre (donating some money).    The local vendor opened her food & drink stall. Doc bought a coffee and sat in the park for a while.    During his time in the park he noticed that the busker had no-where to go, so Doc bought him food & drink from the stall and said, ‘no need to pay me back, I enjoyed your performance earlier’.    On the way home Doc found a couple of posters which he thought might be handy for the kid’s bedroom.   He snatched for a closer look back home.   

After his next shift the following day, he realised how much he missed being home with the kids.   He knew that they would eventually have to get a bigger place as the kids grew.   Doc had continued to work, like many of us simmers, paying for bills/food etc.

Between Johanna & Doc working & taking care of the kids, they had little time to themselves for playing.    It wasn’t long before the kid’s birthdays, so Doc bought some small kid’s bed’s as both twins were now outgrowing their bassinette’s.    Johanna made cake for the family to enjoy spending the day together.

Silva is two mins older than Sneezy, so she tends to get their parents attention all the time.   Sneezy however, maybe turning into a tomboy, determined to care for herself (this is my opinion, you decide).

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