7d – Doc – Part Four

Doc got his first house call during his next shift.   Enele Kahananui & Moira Freyes were fine only needing medicine, there was however a third patient which appeared to be an annoying game glitch. 

Both kids found it hard to sleep with the noisy neighbours and thunderstorms outside.  They were often in the parent’s bedroom looking for comfort.  

Doc extremely tired due to lack of sleep with kids, making all the patients unhappy as always diagnosing treatments wrong.   Ever since the glitch with house call, Doc found it hard to get the performance bar to promotion level.   After each shift, he collapsed in bed, before helping with any housework leaving everything to Johanna.  

Johanna had to get out of the house, so she took the family including Doc to the toddler park again.   Silva became sick, so Doc took her home leaving Johanna playing with Sneezy.

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