7d – Doc – Part Five

Kids birthdays were here yet again (I made sure adult’s never aged by taking potions from aspiration points. Assuming this is ok as not technically cheating with codes etc.   They are working hard for their points).

Doc bought Sneezy & Silva a camera for their birthday.  Johanna baked another chocolate cake for them blowing the candles out.

Sneezy decided to go outside to practice with her camera and saw the basketball court instead.   She ditched the camera & went to play basketball.   Both kids headed to school the following morning after the perfect birthday celebrations.    Silva yet again became sick, so Doc checked her before sending to school and realised she had eaten something that give her a sore belly.   Johanna wrote an excuse note and Silva was sent back to bed after taking some medicine.   Silva spent the day relaxing letting the medicine do its job.

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