7d – Doc – Part Six

Silva decided while she was sick that she would join the scouts when back at school.   Doc also had to think how he was going to improve techniques at work as performance bar still glitched.    He invited some colleagues round for a catchup at home and decided to watch a movie that was about to start on tele.  

Silva was accepted at scouts and already done tasks for one of the badges.    Her aim was to complete these tasks again making sure she will get the badge for her first meeting.   Afterall she likes to be better than everyone else.

Doc desperately needed a holiday, seeing on the noticeboard at work about a little campsite ground nearby in Granite Falls.   He went shopping on the way home buying camping materials and a tent.    He mentioned to the rest of the family and they were delighted.

The Snow-White headed for mountains to pitch their tent and have some quality time together.   What they didn’t plan for was the weather …..

The weather barely improved, eventually they managed to eat breakfast out-with the tent.  Sneezy realised that she really enjoyed being out in the wilderness, wanting to explore further one-day.   

The kids also brought their homework and automously made sure it was completed (who knows why) but turning out to be great kids.   Doc and Johanna were very proud.    Sneezy played as much she could in cold wintery weather.  

Before they were due to head home, they gathered around the campfire.  Sneezy didn’t want to go but was promised they visit again in better weather conditions.

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